So, where have you been?

My old blog got zapped into near-Earth orbit or wherever it is they go, so I had to start from scratch. I thought today was as good a day as any.

I’ve actually been blogging 2 or 3 times a week on another site that’s work-related. I don’t have a textbook for any of my classes (they gave me the choice and I declined), and instead prepare all the materials, scan them and put them online for students to download and bring to class. They being Kookmin University that is. So, today was a good, productive day. Finished my grading, emailed folks that I’d had on the ‘to do’ list for ages, listened to lots of podcasts, took Ozzy for a good walk up Namsan (he was about one nip away from getting one of the rabbits today), made dinner, did a bit more work then thought I’d finish off with this. It’s great what you can pass off for work these days. I’ve also been using Twitter for quite a while now and it does have a certain addictive elements to it. I’m not big on following your celebs or non-entities who feel the need to spout whatever it is they had for breakfast, but I do use it mainly as a news feed. I’ve subscribed to a few newspapers, journalists, authors, musicians and the like and surprisingly there’s a lot of good stuff out there. Well, at least you get to syphon what you want…

Today, for example, we had the world\’s most odious man telling gay football fans that they should ‘keep it in their trousers’ during the Qatar WC in 2022. He really is a shit and I’m sure that the whole thing will be a complete Disney-esque nightmare. Russia, well that’s going to be a barrel of laughs as long as you\’re white.

Our Friends in the North also told us that if Eric Calpton wouldn’t play for Kim Jong-il then they were going to hit us with a nuclear bomb. No, really. To add more fuel to the fire the Korean Army Chief has just jacked it in because he didn/’t bomb them back hard enough. A lot of this stems from the South Korean President Lee Myoung Bak’s refusal to continue giving the North as many generous handouts as his predecessor had done under the ‘sunshine policy’.

On a cheerier note, one of the sites that sends me Tweets me (is that really a verb?) is The Independent. This time of year you get great lists to trawl through. Lists are cool. One of the best clips I saw today was this one from Sky. All coaches should do interviews in this manner. 

So, that’s it, the first one. Hope it’s warmer where you are…and Happy Birthday to my brother Iain. I know you know what a Blog is, aye? Cheers Big Man!


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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