Leading from the front

Ever thought what it’d be like to be in a powerful position? I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill kind of power. The telling kids to do this and that kind of power. Or shouting at the dog but he still gives you a look like you’ve just shown him a card trick power. I mean the leader of the country kinda power. Top banana.

I got up this morning to the news that North Korea weren’t happy with The South (and all their evil pals) as they were being sent anti-Pyongyang propaganda from across the dmz by balloon. Sounds like a more fun way to wind up your neighbour I must say. I can just picture the scene where the balloons will contain dvd’s with Chaplin-like skits (think ‘The Great Dictator’ meets Mr Bean – Korean’s love Mr Bean), and ribbons (they’re all the rage) with “KJI’s rubbish” or “My Hyundai’s better than yours…” on it. A bit of jesting, mild ribbing to the start the weekend with. That’s all it was, but then I saw this and thought they should lighten up a bit. No chance of that.

If it wasn’t enough to wonder why they couldn’t share a joke or a cup of tea (green or breakfast would do), then this was the straw the broke this camels back. Why don’t they save their idle (hopefully) threats for a Monday morning and just piss people off even more.? I mean, come on, lighten TF up!

So, as the day went on I got to wondering what exactly fills up the days of the great and the good, and I came across this and this 


Talk about far out…

I remember seeing Fats (we were on first name terms back then) Domino in a bar/club in Orlando, Florida in ’93 or ’94, but I never thought I’d see a world leader ‘covering’ his most well-known song in such a way.  What was worse were all the ‘celebs’ fawning over themselves and ‘really diggin it’. Kinda gave me the boak…

Food for thought don’t you think? Why don’t you write your local/regional/state/national representatives and ask them how they fill their days? You may be surprised.

Always on the hunt for something new to listen to and didn’t feel too bad when I saw the Guardian’s Top 40 list Albums of and I knew or heard or listened to 7 of them. There was probably a time when it would have been 33 and 7 but I guess it’s not that easy keeping up with the cool cats, hipsters, or muppets that write for The Guardian’s music section. (BTW, my numbers were 1, 4, 13, 20, 24, 29, 35)

Still, having heard of Janelle Monae, I felt good about that. Check out the video 

I liked the old school ‘concept’,  her voice, the (excellent) band, the routine, and a bit of an homage to James Brown towards the end (3:00 onwards), all good stuff.

Speaking of James Brown, there was a guy who liked to lead from the front. When he spoke everyone else listened. Even the French took heed 

Levez-vous my friends…


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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