Cats and Dogs

Yesterday, when we were out walking, we bumped into another Border Collie. Much bigger than Ozzy and more of a white and black mix than Ozzy’s black and white (similar marking to the dog in the video included). We chatted with the owners and let the dogs get used to each other. When the weather (please hurry up) picks up we’ll probably see each other up near Namsan where there’s room for them to roam.

It got me thinking about this story that I’d heard about a while back If you watch the video the only thing I think they could do was teach the dog by using more definate articles. Cute dog though…

On a completely unrelated note, Sticky Fingers have been playing quite a lot these past few weeks (no complaints here) and next weekend see’s us taking the trip down to Kwangju. It’s a 3-hour ride on the KTX train and if it’s like any other time I’ve played there it’ll be a great time. We’re really looking forward to it. My poster-making skills are somewhat limited, but I’m trying.

We’ve been getting lots of great feedback of late and hopefully we can capture some of the new lineup on film. One of these days.

I’ve also got a busy week ahead as I’ll be back teaching at IGSE through Thursday. Slightly different than the last program as this course will consist of Current Events discussion classes in the morning, followed by Short Video based discussion class in the afternoon. Some interesting topics (I’ve just been reading through the notes for the classes) like ‘Medical Tourism’ and ‘Gender Roles’ should (hopefully) get the students going.

After that, I’ll have one more week of vacation, then it’ll be back to work at Kookmin for the new semester. The new year also brings with it the arrival of freshly graduated students, all eager, ready and willing to get stuck in to your classes. Don’t worry, we soon knock that youthful exuberance out of them. I have a lot of preparation to do before the semester starts, but all in good time.

I wonder if my new students saw this article? We all know kids pick up swear words from other kids, and more often than not it’s from the playground. No? What I want to know is just how they work out that 73.4% use swear words every day? Also, 40.9% say they pick it up from the mass media. The BBC per chance? 

Sadly, I also saw of late just how many libraries are under threat at home. has a full list and it’s really shocking how many cuts are being made. Bastards.

Right, on a cheerier note, this made me laugh. Talk about “Keepin’ It Real…”

See if they remember this one…


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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