RocKorea 2011 – Midan City Concert – Music and More Music

June 4th saw Sticky Fingers and a host of other bands from the local music scene play at RocKorea Midan City Festival. It was an early start for some bands who had an early slot (12 or 1pm), but by the time I got to the venue (not the easiest of tasks in itself) it was around 330-4pm and things were well underway.

It really was quite weird at first as ‘Midan’ isn’t quite built yet. Sure, the roads were all there (complete with road signs with no names on them) and everything seemed like it was ready to go, but there were no buildings, no stores of any kind, and most noticeable of all was the lack o f surrounding communities.

Midan, is somewhere out near Incheon airport. That’s about as good as I could do in a geographical sense. We missed 2 shuttle buses, but ended up sharing a taxi-van with some like-minded souls heading in the same direction. It was about a 20 minute drive but even the local cab drivers didn’t really know where we were going. I guess it added to the exoticism of the event?

There were stalls selling a good variety of food (at a decent price) and Craftworks (or whatever they’re called) robbing us for $4 for a small-ish cup of ‘Cass’ and $6 for the same amount of their own brewed beer. Not great value IMHO. The Moroccan sandwich guy was there so it was no-brainer for dinner.

There were few complaints to be honest. The bathrooms were clean, there were booths selling cigarettes, the crowd was a mix of expat and Korean, young and old alike. The bands did a great job and there was a really good vibe about the place the whole day. I don’t get ‘Burlesque’ and why it was at a rock’n’roll event (and why they got a prime slot…?) but other than that the bands were great.

Switchy was playing with ‘Fully Completely’ and really gave it the Beans.

We also had ‘Leotard Skynard’ from Japan 

who were scarily note for note Skynard-esque.

Sticky Fingers were scheduled to play around Midnight, a great time slot for us, and we had about an hour or so to give it all we had. The crowd really picked up and Ripley had them going batshit right from the start.

I think this is what we started with?

We followed it up with this 

From then on it all went by in a bit of a blur, but in a good way. Later in the set we had a ‘guest’ join us for a couple of numbers. Gerard had worked as a private chef to the band during the early 70’s. He had a few stories to tell us too…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Norm and I left around 330am and there were still quite a few hearty souls still getting into it. It was a great day out, good fun and nice to see so many bands playing on the big stage. Here’s hoping we can do it again next year.

PS – Big gripe – I don’t like photos of me/us plastered with someone else’s watermark all over it. If you’re going to take pics at least give them to the band before you bastardize them and put them online. Thanks!


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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