Pop Quiz…

Memories from growing up in the 1980’s for me are few and far between.

I put it down to the heady combination of rock music (you could count indie, goth, punk, folk, blues and whatever else we were listening to at the time), girls being in and around your social circle (and becoming a bit more than your mate’s sister if you know what I mean?), being introduced to exotic vintages from around the globe like this or this, and of course how would we have ever found out about anything at all if it wasn’t for Channel 4’s Red triangle series?

When it came to music on TV you did have some choice. You could have The Tube on a Friday dinnertime (look at this lineup of bands that appeared on the show) which was great. Or, on the BBC you had Top of The Pops (which varied from just being shit every week, to being shit every week with the odd moment of genius), and the sometimes brilliant Old Grey Whistle Test.

Somewhere in-between those shows was “Pop Quiz”, which was on the BBC, and featured 2 teams of muso-types answering questions on yes, you got it, music, musicians, and all things rock’n’rollery. From this early episode, they were asked by that sanctimonious twat of a host Mike Read, such taxing questions as “Who’s the lead guitar player of Pink Floyd?” and “Name the members of U2”? Shit, it must have been a nightmare getting beat from anyone called Alvin Stardust.

One of the good things about the show was you got to see (and hear) contemporary musicians of the time (and times past) jibber on about music and how much they actually new about it. I’m sure most of them were half in the bag when they recorded it (Phil Lynott was a captain of one of the teams. How could possibly not have a proper rock’n’roll time?), and at least they gave it a go.  And Kim Wilde was fit…

I don’t really remember what happened to the show after Phil Lynott’s death? It may well or not have stayed on TV for a while, but like all good things it came to an end. Tonight, is also one of those nights when I get to say goodbye to something that was a huge part of the music (and bar) scene in Seoul – Stompers last show. The bar itself has been closed for a while, and maybe there was a chance of things picking back up again, but it wasn’t to be. I’ve had some great nights in that bar, but most of the exact memories are somewhat hazy. I’ve played and watched countless gigs there, good hospitality, a good crowd, a bit of a dive, and many (many) shots were the order of the day. Those were some good times.

Ask any musician who’s ever played in Itaewon if they know or have played at Stompers and the answer would more than likely be -” Dwayne! Stompers! Sure, we had a blast!”

We’ll miss that place.




Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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