He’s Misstra Know-It-All

Not even close.

I’m almost finished the second semester of my MA in Asian Studies. Just one big politics paper to start (due Wednesday) and a Korean language exam on Tuesday (delivered 2 papers today), then we’re good. Well, that’s the plan. Fingers crossed, two more semesters to go, comp exams, thesis, language exam…oh shit, that’s all then. Piece of piss then.

I tend not to write too much on this blog when I’m working as I teach 3 writing classes, post all the lessons on my other WordPress blog, and generally find a lot of my time left over reading, writing, and/or studying for the MA classes. Not forgetting dog walking and band duties too. Sometimes I even get to talk to my Mrs, but that’s an optional extra. The pleasure’s all mine.

Quite a productive day overall though. Easy classes today as it was the end of semester presentations. It’s that time of year when the students get to give it the beans one last time, and put into practice what I’ve been jibbering about for the past 15 weeks.  I get to sit and listen and occassionally throwing the odd question in there, mostly to remind me to keep awake.

Today, we learned that K-Pop is the work of Beelzebub himself, the Korean Wave is just a huge marketing ploy to line the pockets of seedy, over-paid, under-talented, plagiarist bastards. On the plus side, we learned that non-Korean tourists (or expats) when asked “what they like about Korea”, Kimchi, girls, and soju were the top 3 choices. It then transpired that this particular group of students had interviewed a couple of G.I.’s. At least they were honest.

After navigating the traffic through City Hall on the way home, it was out with the dog, then up to the gym. A cheeky 5K run (32 minutes no less), then a good workout, left me looking a bit like this. Nice, huh?

On the way home, picked up a couple of cheeky beers and a bag of my new favourite sweets.  These are just the business.
Made dinner for the both us, then sat on my arse playing my guitar for half an hour, read for about another hour and a half. I’ve had enough for one day. Time to relax

Beers opened, EURO 2012 stream running, and the prospect of a bit of a lie-in tomorrow ahead. That’s when the real work’ll start. I’m ready for it.

Before I go, you have to watch this Stevie Wonder clip. It is from a German TV show called “Beat Club” (stop sniggering at the back…). If the tunes are not worth it alone, forward to 28:50 or so and you’ll see the cat with the pipe. Awesome. Those Germans know how to rock out…

Song list:
1. Jam
2. Contusion
3. Higher Ground
4. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing
5. I Can See The Sun In Late December
6. He’s Misstra Know-It-All
7. Living For The City
8. Superstition


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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