Some Things Never Change

It’s been 5 years since I was last here and some things don’t change.

So, a wee bit of rain, temps of 14-16c (we left Seoul it was 35c), but it’s great to see my family again. As it’s Saturday, we shall be mostly having some cheeky pints later on. I also like listening to the ‘fitba at a proper time on a Saturday.

It got off to  a bit of a ropey start as there was nobody at the airport to pick us up. My Old Dear (bless her), had for some bonkers reason got our arrival dates mixed up (don’t ask) and thought it was Friday we arrived and not Thursday. Anyway, after a rather tetchy 2 hour wait, wondering whether we’d have to kip in the departures lounge or not, the cavalry finally arrived.

Unpacked, bit of a chat, then off to bed. Up early (not through any choice of my own) on Friday morning, met up with my brothers Fraser and Iain, picked up a hire car, groceries etc bought, early to bed.

Today, cheeky workout at Broadwood gym, now waiting on my brother, his wife and my nephew to arrive. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen him. I’m looking forward to giving the wee man a hug.

Eun Jin is ‘so far, so good’, but the real test may be when we go for a few beers later on and then the ‘weegie’ banter might get really going. She can hold her on though. Some retail therapy may help?

My Iphone won’t switch off automatically, so that’s not great. I’m  trying to get hold of KT Oll’eh, but they’re at their muppet best.

I hope to get some more pics  and stuff up soon. I’m glad to be home.


Author: From a Late Night Train

Teacher. Musician. Ponderer. Had lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2000. Moved back to Glasgow, Scotland in May 2017.

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